A person with a mental health issue is admitted as a voluntary patient if they willingly seek treatment at the institution. The patient may travel to the hospital on their own or be directed there by their family physician, a community mental health and drug abuse centre, or another health agency. On the other hand, when someone with a mental health issue is admitted as an involuntary patient, it signifies that they are being treated in a hospital against their will. This occurs when a person cannot get the necessary mental health care, cannot be treated safely in the community, and/or when there is a risk that the person’s mental health may deteriorate or that they may harm themselves or others.
Dealing with mental illness may be tough for both the individual suffering from it and their family and friends. The facility is intended to provide a secure setting for treatment and expert support. Upon your arrival at the hospital, you will first come in contact with our admissions coordinator, with whom you can ask any queries.
Each person’s length of hospital stay varies since everyone recovers at a different rate. How soon your mental health issues react to the treatment and support you get in the hospital or when you are able to continue your treatment safely in the community with supports will decide how long you need to stay in the hospital. Our objective is to get you home as soon as you recover.
In order to respect and safeguard your privacy and confidentiality, we advise you to pick a family member or support person to include in your treatment and recovery plan while you are in the hospital. This enables staff to communicate with your family or support person and convey the information you desire to share.
Psychiatrists, Psychologists and will be part of a multidisciplinary team to assist treatment planning through a number of rehab and recovery methods. It is critical to communicate with your doctor and nurse about how you feel about the treatment plans.
Make sure to bring your past medical records. Bring slippers, toiletries, and a few pieces of comfortable clothing for your ease. If you use glasses, dentures, or hearing aids, please put them away carefully while not in use. We recommend that you ask a family member or friend to store your valuables at home if feasible throughout your hospital stay
We think that once the crisis has passed, the greatest location to continue your recuperation is at home. You will visit with various members of your care team on a regular basis to work with you on attaining your mental health and recovery objectives so that you may return home.

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