About Headspace

Center for Psychiatric & Psychological Services

Headspace was founded by Dr. Deepak Verma, who was encouraged by the country’s shortage of adequate mental health care as well as the prevalence of antiquated and harsh treatment of the mentally ill. Headspace is a network of mental health centers. It is a hub for all things mental health.

At Headspace, we’ve created an integrated ecosystem that delivers holistic mind care. Via our inpatient and outpatient facilities, we serve a diverse population while offering comprehensive treatment for psychiatric diseases, addiction, and general mental well-being.

Our staff is composed of highly regarded and experienced Psychiatrist Doctors in Delhi, clinical psychologists, and counselors. Every day, we are motivated by the objective of assisting individuals in healing and living better lives. Our tried-and-true, evidence-based treatments are crafted to your loved ones’ unique needs and capacities, enabling them to become the best versions of themselves while they navigate the outside world.

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